When Stanley plan to propose to Timi, he knows this is a moment he would not want to miss out. This could be a memory they can cherish for many decades. Stanley had a chat with us about his plans for the proposal to Timi and we knew this is a very challenging assignment for us. But nothing should stop us from capturing these moments as we love these challenging situation which makes us stand out from the rest.

The day came and we head to C Restaurant In The Sky in Perth and hid around tables and bars to wait for Stanley to pop the question. It wasn’t the easiest thing to do as the restaurant was revolving and we have to kept moving around to look for new spot to hide! When Stanley got down to his knees, we got Timi’s expression which is priceless for the couple. After she said “YES” to the proposalthe applause from table surrounding them was just amazing. We let them continue their romantic dinner before heading out to London Court to capture a few of our signature shots with them.

If you are thinking of proposing remember you would want this moment to be captured and not to miss. It will sure be a story to tell in generations to come.


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