Mag & Collin’s Chinese Traditional Ceremony

A traditional Chinese wedding has plenty of fun and games. The bride would be in a room waiting to be brought out by the groom to be but it’s not as simple as that. Bridesmaid task is to get the groom & groomsmen to go through stages of hurdles before they are allowed in the room where the bride is. This time around all this were held at Parkroyal hotel and the bridesmaid had a sneaky test for the guys.

When the guys arrived the very first one they were asked to put lippy on each and everyone of the groomsmen. To make things more interesting they got them to put on a disposable undies on top of their suit! They were then requested to use the lippy and spell out I ❤️ YOU at the back of it. The guys manage to get it done perfectly and they were through to the net stage.

The next task was to pass a piece of paper just using their lips. They failed that task and drop the piece of paper. Now the penalty was to drink a “cocktail” prepared by the bridesmaid. This could be a very unique cocktail that no one would ever find in a bar ! I’m sure no one would ever would want to try them by the looks of one of the groomsmen.

They finally got into take the bride out and move towards the tea ceremony. The tea ceremony always starts with the Bride & Groom serving the eldest of the family. In return the family would give a red packet which usually consist of cash and at time they are given gold or any jewellery alike.

We ended the session with our signature photography session with the couple and bridesmaid.


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